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The Realities of Single Payer is a coalition of organizations united in opposition to legislation to create a Single Payer Healthcare System in New York.  Although this legislation, the New York Health Act, has been around for decades, it is gaining traction in New York due to the lack of information about the real impact it would have on New Yorkers.

Despite the claims of proponents, a Single Payer Healthcare system is not only impractical, it would be a financial disaster for New York taxpayers. Proponents of the legislation rely on a faulty, outdated fiscal analysis to claim that it would save money and provide better access to quality care. New Yorkers would be forced to use a new government-run program; employer-sponsored and private health insurance would be prohibited.

While we agree with the goal of Universal Healthcare Coverage of all New Yorkers, Single Payer advocates ignore the realities of the way the healthcare system functions and what drives costs.  Since 95% of New Yorkers already have healthcare coverage, there is no reason to spend hundreds of billions of dollars to create a complicated, new government-run  healthcare program. New Yorkers don’t want their healthcare to be subject to whims of unaccountable Albany politicians.

The goal of The Realities of Single Payer is to provide accurate information on this critical healthcare issue.

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