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Do No Harm

By Bill Hammond | January 22, 2019 | Empire Center New York State’s Legislature has emerged as a central forum in the nationwide debate over “single-payer” health care. Discussion in Albany focuses on the proposed New York Health Act, which…

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Single-Payer Fact Check

by Bill Hammond |  August 31, 2018 | NY Torch Gubernatorial candidate Cynthia Nixon cited a lot of statistics in favor of single-payer health care in her debate with Governor Andrew Cuomo on Wednesday, but most of them were confused, misleading or false. Cuomo…

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RAND’s iffy single-payer estimates

by Bill Hammond | August 10, 2018 | NY Torch For New Yorkers wondering whether a statewide single-payer plan would be feasible and affordable, the RAND Corporation’s just-published report provides only partial answers. The hypothetical scenario analyzed by RAND relies…

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